St Austell Canoe Club

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Where we paddle

Most of our paddling takes place at Porthpean Beach. A nice sheltered bay with the opportunity for short trips along the coast when the weather is suitable.

Golant night paddle

Golant Night Paddle

Trips are also organised for various other locations...

  • Estuaries like the Fal, Fowey, Camel and Helford.
  • Coastal trips, usually on the south coast due to better conditions and ease of access for most club members.
  • River trips on the Fowey or Tamar.
  • Night paddles on the Fowey.

As well as these local trips, major expeditions are planned individually depending on interest e.g.

Sea Kayaking Scotland

Sea Kayaking Scotland

  • Sea kayaking in Scotland
  • Camping / kayaking on the Scilly Isles
  • Pool harbour / Old Harry rocks
  • North coast Padstow camping trip


There are many different types of activity that can be tried out at the club. The idea is to give it a go and find out what you enjoy...

Canoeing River Wye

Canoeing River Wye

  • General Kayaking - playing about, skills, games, short coast trips.
  • Sea Kayaking - longer boats for doing trips and camping, mini expeditions, exploring the coast and more.
  • Canadian Canoes - open boats, nice for trips on rivers.
  • White water - try out paddling on rivers, nothing radical! and see if you like it.
  • Racing - we don’t have any racing kayaks, but we know people who do.
  • Surf Kayaking - playing about in a few waves.

Trips and activities are organised to do what people are interested in.