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Links to Kayaking Related Sites


Cornwall Kayaking - Kayaks for Hire with Free Delivery, Guided Kayaking Trips, BCU Awards and Training, First Aid Courses, and much more . . .

BCU South West - Details of local events and News Letter

Canoe & Kayak Insurance - Want to insure your valuable investment?

Sea Kayaking Cornwall - Lots of good photos from various trips, not just Cornwall.

Skye Adventures - Gordon Brown's site for sea kayaking on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. No not that Gordon Brown, this one is a BCU Level 5 Sea Coach, and wrote the book Sea Kayak - A manual for intermediate and advanced sea kayakers.

Surf Kayaking

BCU Surf Website - BCU site for surf-heads.

Magicseaweed - Surf reports, forecasting and videos.

Surf-Forecast - More surf forecasting etc.

Mega Kayaks - Probably the best surf kayaks in the world !

A1surf - News, reports and forecasting

Kayaking Technique

KayakPaddling - Great site that demonstrates various techniques using interactive computer graphics.

Qajak - Some good sea kayak instruction videos - bracing, rolling, re-entry etc. If you want to read the text however, you must be able to read Norwegian.

KayakQuixotica - All sorts here, including lots of rolling videos.

Kayak Photography - How to destroy your expensive camera by taking it out in your kayak.

UK Sea Kayak Guidebook - Masses of useful information on this site. The Almanac section has lots of practical tips and articles, but you need to search around a bit, as the site navigation is not that great.

UK Rivers Guidebook - A guide to UK rivers.

Kayak Fit - How to customise your kayak cockpit.

Kayak Fishing UK - Mostly for sit-on kayaks, but interesting if you fancy catching fish from your kayak.

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